FoxDen Decor Now Offers Ceramic Sinks

FoxDen Decor Now Offers Ceramic Sinks

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FoxDen Decor now has a selection of ceramic sinks.


FoxDen Decor ( the crafter of hand-made rustic and reclaimed wood furniture, has expanded its product offering with ceramic sinks.

“Our extremely popular vanities can now be further enhanced with a carefully curated selection of ceramic sinks,” says Jami Stewart, spokesperson for FoxDen Decor. “While we have three shapes for bathroom sinks right now, (large rectangle, square vessel, and elongated with rounded corners) we are happy, as always, to customize an order with you to ensure your vision of the perfect bathroom vanity and ceramic sink combination comes to life.”

The ceramic sinks are the perfect affordable, high quality, stylish component to complement any of FoxDen Décor’s vanities. With the ability to already customize the vanities with your choice of finish and hardware, being able to select the sink as well truly makes each piece unique.

“With FoxDen Decor, you don’t need to have an interior designer on call, or feel like your only option for a beautiful vanity is a common big box stock brand,” concludes Stewart. “Take a look at our selection and let us help you make a piece that is one-of-a-kind.”

To learn more about FoxDen Decor, visit the company online at Orders are covered by a no-hassle shipping policy and you can learn home styling tips on the company’s blog


About FoxDen Decor

We offer a unique selection of rustic furniture with styles ranging from reclaimed, door top, rustic, painted, cedar and much more. All furniture is hand crafted and finished by using a hand rubbed paste wax. Our reclaimed furniture is sanded down to a smooth to the touch finish and can be stained or left natural.

Contact Details:
Jami Stewart
7142 La Junta
Canutillo, TX 79835
Phone: 1-888-666-1113
Source: FoxDen Decor Rustic Furniture


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