Gcurtain Offers Two Tips on How to Choose the Decorative Curtain Rod

Gcurtain Offers Two Tips on How to Choose the Decorative Curtain Rod

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By many years of design experience, Gcurtain provides professional suggestions on how to choose the suitable decorative curtain rods for your home.

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Choosing the decorative curtain rods involves selecting the best material and color. A curtain rod can set the tone for a room, adding to its ambiance and helping to give the space a theme. Examples of themes include industrial, baroque and modern. Since a curtain rod becomes a fixture in a room, consider it an investment. You are likely to keep it for years.

● How to choose the best material

Do you know why curtain rods often break? The material they are made of is too weak to support the curtains that hang from them. In order to choose a curtain rod that will remain whole, first talk with your home decorator about how much the curtains weigh. Then make sure the curtain rod can support that number.

In addition, window curtain rods should frame the view nicely. They should not be so thick that they obscure the window or so thin that they reveal too much of the wall. Single curtain rods should complement the curtains, not steal the show from them.
Consider a curtain rod that is one-inch thick or greater, with a finial (decorative piece at the end of the rod) that matches the décor of the room and a material that agrees with the curtains. Excellent materials include stainless steel and brass.

● How to choose a suitable color

Does the color of your curtain rod take away from the hue of the curtains? Look for a curtain rod that accents to the curtains. Curtain rods with a smooth, sleek finish allow the curtain rings to slide along the rod easily and without pauses. GCurtain offers bright silver stainless steel curtain rods for a wide variety of drapes and curtains in adult rooms. One example is the GCurtain Decorative Single Curtain Rod Hardware Set, a sleek stainless steel curtain rod with a gorgeous silver-and-white vine-like finial. Curtain rods can be quite colorful. GCurtain offers yellow, blue and orange curtain rods for bright curtains in children’s rooms.

● GCurtain’s craft

The founder of GCurtain once said, “To make yourself relaxed at home, it is quite important to choose curtain rods that match the interior design and atmosphere.” GCurtain works hard to give warmth to cold furnishing hardware, blending classic design and aesthetic qualities. We impart gentleness to our entire home living collection. GCurtain is responsive to customer’s requirements and uses their input to engage in home decorating. Browse our decorative curtain rods and finials to see how the GCurtain look can change your home.

● About Gcurtain
Improving the aesthetics of home decoration and the art of living has always been our business principle through the years. On 2009, we founded our own brand, GCurtain to give warmth to cold furnishing hardware–investing a worthy collection of gentleness in home living.

We will continue our persistence in excellent craftsmanship; leading customers to experience the joy of living and bring window-decoration to the next level.
For more information, visit http://en.gcurtain.com/.


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