FoxDen Decor Introduces Custom Paint Colors for Furniture

FoxDen Decor Introduces Custom Paint Colors for Furniture

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FoxDen Decor can now provide any color you choose for your customized furniture.


FoxDen Decor is excited to announce custom color options.

“We have a beautiful range of colors for use on our handcrafted, high-end, rustic wood furniture,” says Jami Stewart, spokesperson for FoxDen Decor, “but now our clients can also request any color of their choice, and we will match it! This is perfect when ordering a piece that must match the other existing furnishings in your room, or when matching your furniture to a wall, drapery or rug. Our technology allows for outstanding color matching, giving you even more reasons to love how easy it is to create truly unique pieces at FoxDen Decor.”

Today’s interior designers, be they professionals or DIY designers, take inspiration from the readily available plethora of ideas across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and home-design reality television shows. As such, these designers are no longer satisfied with a small range of paint choices that have to work with their existing décor. They know they have options, and this is why FoxDen has stepped up to deliver those options.

“We put client satisfaction on the same pedestal as delivering an outstanding product,” smiles Stewart. “Today’s customers need and want more, so that is what we will provide. We aim to be the number one provider of high-quality custom wood furniture in America, and giving you custom paint colors for FoxDen Decor furniture is one of the ways we do that.”

To learn more about FoxDen Decor, visit the company online at and you can learn home styling tips on the company’s blog (

About FoxDen Decor

We offer a unique selection of rustic furniture with styles ranging from reclaimed, door top, rustic, painted, cedar and much more. All furniture is hand crafted and finished by using a hand rubbed paste wax. Our reclaimed furniture is sanded down to a smooth to the touch finish and can be stained or left natural.
Contact Details:
Jami Stewart
7142 La Junta
Canutillo, TX 79835
Phone: 1-888-666-1113
Source: FoxDen Decor Rustic Furniture

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