FoxDen Decor Launches Complimentary Design Services

FoxDen Decor Launches Complimentary Design Services

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FoxDen Decor will help you design your furniture for free.


FoxDen Decor is pleased to offer free design services.

“Our furniture is purchased by a variety of people,” says Jami Stewart, spokesperson for FoxDen Decor. “Our clients include interior designers and professional home stagers, but we have plenty of customers that have no design experience. We decided to add a free design service to what we offer so we can help our clients create the perfect piece for their needs, and visualize how it fits into the room while complementing their other furnishings.”

Stewart continues, “Of course, there are many sites out there that provide design inspiration, including Pinterest and Instagram. However, there is really no substitute for first-person advice from a professional that knows everything about our products. With this service, you learn about the different finishes and hardware available, how to determine the proper size of the piece for the room, and how to marry form with function and beauty with style. We simply love what we do. Sharing it with you in this way is the next natural evolution for FoxDen.”

To get your free design advice along with top-rated, handcrafted rustic and reclaimed wood furniture, contact FoxDen Decor today at

About FoxDen Decor

We offer a unique selection of rustic furniture with styles ranging from reclaimed, door top, rustic, painted, cedar and much more. All furniture is hand crafted and finished by using a hand rubbed paste wax. Our reclaimed furniture is sanded down to a smooth to the touch finish and can be stained or left natural.

Contact Details:
Jami Stewart
7142 La Junta
Canutillo, TX 79835
Phone: 1-888-666-1113
Source: FoxDen Decor Rustic Furniture

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