2018 Paint Color Forecast: A Cornucopia Of Color!

2018 Paint Color Forecast: A Cornucopia Of Color!

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SPRING HOUSE, Pa., Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After dominating the interior color scene for the past two years, gray, beige, and other neutral hues are expected to give way to a much more vibrant paint palette in 2018, according to the latest forecast from the Paint Quality Institute (PQI).

“Gray, in particular, has had a great run as the go-to color for painted interiors, but we’re about to see the pendulum swing back hard in the other direction,” says Fallyn Flaherty-Earp, a spokesperson for PQI. “From every indication, bolder, darker, ‘statement’ colors will be the people’s choice next year.”

According to Flaherty-Earp, popular paint colors for homes and commercial spaces will come from different parts of the color spectrum, with deep blues and purples, highly saturated yellows, and a variety of greens and oranges all making a splash.

If the 2018 paint palette sounds like a cornucopia of color, it is . . . in more ways than one. “Many of the most exciting offerings draw inspiration from nature’s bounty: colors evocative of luxuriant spices, succulent fruits, and sumptuous vegetables,” says Flaherty-Earp.

Choices in the yellow family are a perfect example. Rather than the “plain” colors of the past – such as canary yellow — the hot new hues trend toward yellow-orange, in rich and exotic blends reminiscent of ginger, curry, and mustard. (Papaya-colored orange is ripe for the picking, too.)

In the same way, the “new” blues offer sophisticated color complexity and great possibilities for indoor spaces. Klein blue, a deep shade akin to ultramarine, tops the list of hot paint prospects in the blue family. But hopes are also high for grape-skin purple and eggplant, as well as blue-green teal.

Speaking of green, it too will reappear as a popular option next year, but not as the “pure” color — rather, in an appealing array of green shades running the gamut from avocado to sage to celery, often paired with one or more of the exotic yellows.

As striking as these soon-to-be-popular new interior colors may be, even they pale in comparison to the “punch” colors that will be incorporated into décor next year, according to Flaherty-Earp.

“So-called ‘technology colors’ – most notably, millennial pink and icy lavender – will crop up as interior accent colors. You’ll know them when you see them. And when you see them, you may very well want to incorporate them into your own décor,” she says.

PQI’s annual color forecast has a strong track record for accuracy. In formulating projections, the group draws upon many different sources, including its own proprietary research, which recently revealed that most do-it-yourself painters plan to use darker, more dramatic wall color on their next interior painting project.

So, there is good reason to put faith in the forecast, and a profusion of great new colors to choose from. Pick out one or two that suit your fancy, then pick up a roller or brush and have fun giving your home interior an exciting new look!

To learn more about paint color and interior design, visit the Paint Quality Institute online at blog.paintquality.com.

Fallyn Flaherty-Earp

SOURCE Paint Quality Institute

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