Home Refinery Seeks to Inspire With Launch Of New Website

Home Refinery Seeks to Inspire With Launch Of New Website

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Home Refinery is a project dedicated to helping inspire the creative spark needed for furniture, decor, and home design.


Home Refinery has launched their much-anticipated website this past month. Featuring articles on home design, buyers guides, and DIY tips for home aficionados—this group seeks to inspire everyone. The focus of Home Refinery is on home goods such as furniture, mattresses, and even espresso machines from the perspective of quality and lifestyle rather than price. They endeavor to help readers be inspired through in-depth articles on design trends and then efficiently discover products to help apply new designs to their homes, or so says their Editor-in-Chief.

A Team of Designers

When asked to describe their team as simply as possible, Editor John Marcus humbly laughed and remarked “We’re really just a rag-tag team of designers that have worked all over the place. Our paths all crossed at some point and we’ve enjoyed working on projects together. We had a chance to sit down at the High Point furniture market earlier this year and decided to finally team up together on a longer-term project. We all have different areas of professional focus and I think readers will really enjoy the diverse perspectives they’ll find on our website.”

Marcus went on to describe the ups and downs within the consumer home goods market, of which furniture alone represents more than 100b each year in the US alone. “We’ve all seen the ups and downs in the furniture industry which tend to ripple across all home goods markets. When times get tough luxury items are usually the first to be stricken off shopping lists. Direct-to-consumer business models and affinity towards online shopping stand to challenge this to some degree. The goal of Home Refinery is to help meet people in the middle—those looking for more affordable options without sacrificing quality.”

Holistic Approach

Marcus went onto describe his team’s perspective that not all shopping experiences revolve around products. While the Home Refinery team has established a firm base of product reviews and recommendations to occupy reader interests, they have also sought to create a strong base of articles around subjects to better imagine life at home in general. Their article 7 Tiny Houses You’ll Fall in Love With is a fine representation of how they seek to first inspire. On this subject, freelance interior designer and Home Refinery writer Emily Wright remarked “We spend all of our time obsessing over the nuances and refined aspects of home design. Most people don’t have the time or desire to afford so much focus on these types of considerations but they still stand to benefit from it. For example, Feng Shui is an infinitely-complex way to imagine spatial organization that can take a lifetime to master. However, it’s also something that can be used to guide home design—without completely understanding it—and be of great impact for anyone. This is kind of our goal, I guess, in that we want to distill a lot of our professional perspectives for those that really just need some quick fixes.” Emily went on to describe their team’s goal of building up a strong base of home design topics that will help address all types of perspectives and home design goals for everyone.

About Home Refinery

Home Refinery is a design-centric project having been launched by a small team of interior designers, freelance architects, and product developers. Their goal is to help inspire consumers and amateur designers around the world to imagine better living spaces and more balanced lifestyles. Their efforts can be seen in the form of articles and product reviews on their website: https://www.homerefinery.com/


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