Total HomeFX™ Launches New Peanuts® Video Decorations for Halloween

Total HomeFX™ Launches New Peanuts® Video Decorations for Halloween

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NORTHBROOK, Ill., Aug. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Total HomeFX™, a brand of ProductWorks™, expands its holiday video décor assortment with the launch of exclusive Peanuts® video series for the Halloween season. The greatest Halloween tradition has always been trick-or-treating. The fastest growing trend today is decorating digitally with videos to entertain trick-or-treaters. The first installment of the highly anticipated Peanuts® video series will be available on For many years the pop cultural phenomenon, Charlie Brown™ and the gang, have been integral to Halloween celebrations. As a result, ProductWorks™ chose Peanuts® for their first licensed holiday decoration over 10 years ago with their version of the Lonely Tree®- the Charlie Brown™ Christmas Tree. Michael Sapinsley, ProductWorks™ President, is happy to report that it is still one of their most sought-after decorations.

“We knew that Peanuts® family-friendly movies and endearing characters would be a natural hit for video decorations,” says Sapinsley.

These videos are exclusive to the Total HomeFX™ brand and will only be available on Consumers can purchase the videos individually or within a holiday-specific bundle. The upcoming Halloween Peanuts® Great Pumpkin video series includes the following:

Snoopy™ Dancing
Bobbing for Apples
Flying Ace™
According to Sapinsley, more than 179 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year and the goal is to continue offering holiday enthusiasts entertaining video decorations. The company plans to expand this exclusive series with more bundles to come this holiday season, which will include favorite Peanuts® scenes.

To see a preview of their Peanuts® series and other new content, check out the Total HomeFX™ YouTube channel at

Total HomeFX™

Total HomeFX™ is a brand of ProductWorks™ LLC., a company that has over the past 17 years helped holiday enthusiasts decorate their homes and yards with beloved licensed characters and dazzling light displays. The Total HomeFX™ brand has quickly grown to include a variety of projectors, speakers and other accessories, as well as an ever-expanding library of video content to help our customers bring their holidays to life.

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