Savers® Is Your One-stop Halloween Destination

Savers® Is Your One-stop Halloween Destination

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Americans look to stand out when dressing up this Halloween and thrift stores are their go-to spot for putting together creative looks

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to Halloween costumes this year, Americans are opting for originality and bucking tradition: a whopping 60 percent state they would like to wear a costume no one else will have, according to a new survey from the Savers family of thrift stores (Savers®, Value Village™ and Unique®). So, it’s no surprise that Halloween is the no. 1 occasion that consumers shop thrift.

Savers Halloween Survey Infographic 2018
Savers Halloween Survey Infographic 2018
Thriftoween at Savers:
The National Retail Federation estimated Americans spent $9.1 billion on Halloween last year, with over $3 billion spent on costumes alone. So, most North Americans recognize the value of thrift during the Halloween season, with more than 72 percent saying they will either thrift or use their own pre-owned items for their costume. As Halloween planning begins, Savers is excited to give shoppers the opportunity to get creative with their costumes and homes without breaking the bank.

“At Savers, we pride ourselves on being the only retailer to offer a large selection of both brand-new and pre-owned Halloween merchandise,” said Duane Woods, president and CEO of Savers. “Considering more than 80 percent of people feel that thrift shopping for their Halloween costume is a smart sustainable choice for something they only wear once, Savers has everything they need at a great value.”

By heading to their nearest Savers, consumers can benefit from:

Costume Consultants: Thinking up a costume idea can be stressful! That’s why Savers has in-store costume consultants to help shoppers create a one-of-a-kind look with DIY Halloween costumes, tips and tricks. And with pop culture inspiring most costume decisions, Savers helps shoppers curate a unique version of their favorite celebrity, on-screen character or trend that none of their Instagram followers will have.
More Than Just Used: Every year, Savers offers an exclusive line of brand-new Halloween costumes, wigs, makeup and accessories – perfect to combine with the reused clothing and accessories that already fill the aisles.
It’s All About the Décor: Going all out for Halloween means more than just dressing up. Savers loads its shelves with new and used Halloween décor to help decorate homes inside and out – whether that means creating a haunted house for trick-or-treaters or sticking to simple décor for a party.
Halloween Hub: provides a store locator tool, costume inspiration and instructions for Halloween DIY costumes and home décor.
Social Media: More than half of Americans share photos of their Halloween celebrations, so join in on the fun by engaging with Savers social platforms via the #thriftortreat hashtag on, @SaversVVillage on Twitter and @Savers_thrift on Instagram.
Trends to watch in 2018:
It might only be September, but Americans are already picking out their costumes and home décor for Halloween. Approximately 40 percent saying they spend one to two months deciding what costume to wear and how to celebrate.

Creative and Comfortable Beats Out Funny: While 32 percent of Americans state they want to look funny in their costume, more people are leaning toward creative or comfortable (49 and 39 percent, respectively).
Baby Boomers Love Troopers: Among the most popular movie or TV show-inspired costumes, 48 percent of Boomers think that Star Wars will be the most popular this year. Meanwhile, Gen X is holding on to nine-season Walking Dead at 39 percent.
It’s Marvel’s Universe for Gen Z and Millennials: When asked which movie or TV show will inspire most group costumes, Gen Z and millennials voted for Avengers (48 and 43 percent, respectively).
Double the Costume, Double the Fun: While 80 percent will only wear one costume this year, 16 percent state they will wear two – one for the day and one for the night.
Who’s the Boss: For one day of the year, parents hand the reigns over to their kids with 60 percent of parents allowing their kids to choose their own costume.
For full results from the Savers Halloween Survey, or to request high-resolution Halloween costume images or a Halloween shopping trend infographic, please contact

*Methodology Note: The Savers Halloween Shopping Survey was conducted by Edelman Intelligence during the summer of 2018 and polled 1,000 nationally representative consumers aged 18 and older in the United States and Canada.

At Savers, we believe good style is more than how you put together your closet and home – it’s being able to do good while looking good – for yourself, your neighborhood and your planet. As a for-profit, purpose-driven retailer, the Savers family of thrift stores provide a wide selection of must-have secondhand clothing, accessories and household goods at an affordable price and keeps more than 700 million pounds of reusable goods from reaching landfills each year. Learn more at and join the #RethinkReuse or #thriftortreat conversation.


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