99 Cents Only Stores has Determined the Common Types of Pumpkin Carvers at Every Carving Party

99 Cents Only Stores has Determined the Common Types of Pumpkin Carvers at Every Carving Party

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CITY OF COMMERCE, Calif., Oct. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — 99 Cents Only Stores has defined the nine types of pumpkin carvers at every pumpkin carving party. The Company has found the common pumpkin carvers have a specific technique when it comes to the classic Halloween tradition. Watch the video to find out which kind of pumpkin carver you are!

The Speed Warrior- Super fast and super talented carver.
The Artiste- Paints instead of carves.
The Clutz- Constantly cutting their fingers, in need of lots of bandages.
The Basic Bee- Creates the basic jack-o-lantern
The Over Thinker- Not sure what to do, constantly cheating off other designs.
The Architect- Plans with blueprints and grids to carve the perfect design.
The Hacker- Destroys the pumpkin with quick cuts and general lack of care.
The Veteran Carver- Experienced, uses a custom knife instead of a carving kit.
The Demolition Expert- Loves to blow up pumpkins
99 Cents Only Stores has everything you need to plan your pumpkin carving party from basic supplies such as pumpkins, pumpkin carving kits, tealight candles to festive halloween decorations for your party’s atmosphere. 99 Cents Only Stores have everything you need for all of your pumpkin carvers!

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