99 Cents Only Stores Reveals Exclusive 2018 Christmas Decoration Collections Available in Stores this Holiday Season

99 Cents Only Stores Reveals Exclusive 2018 Christmas Decoration Collections Available in Stores this Holiday Season

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CITY OF COMMERCE, Calif., Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — 99 Cents Only Stores created a video to introduce eight unique exclusive themes ranging from traditional to fun filled Christmas assortments. The Company has figured out a way to bring that cheerful holiday warmth into your home all on a budget! Bring out your Christmas tree right now and decorate it with one of the eight magnificent themes!

Millennial- Full of magical ornaments including sloths, llamas, flying pigs and mermaid marshmallow candy accented in pastels.
Starry Night- Rich brand new shades of navy and violet with lots of sequins, jewels and glitter.
Glitter, Shimmer, and Shine- Elegant ornaments and table top pieces composed of rose gold, champagne and silver.
Winter White- Miniature high heel ornaments and jewel encrusted reindeer in a variety of tones of white and silver.
King’s Crown- Lavish peacock ornaments in fuchsia and turquoise, sugar encrusted ornaments and multi-colored sequin bows.
Santa and his Elves- Full of candy canes, gnomes, long bearded Santa’s and classic red and green decor.
Rustic Holiday- Greenery, pinecones and berries accented by ribbon and ornaments trimmed in red and black buffalo check and the royal Stewart tartan.
Peace and Harmony- Lovely assortments of red and gold glitter ornaments, stocking holders and gold leaf crosses.

The keys to a beautiful Christmas tree are warm gleaming lights, decadent ornaments, multi-colored sequin bows, and floral pieces. 99 Cents Only Stores also offers beautiful home decor and table decorations such as rose gold reindeer, miniature glitter houses with sequin roofs and rich colored gift bags that match the theme of your choice.

99 Cents Only Stores has everything you need to decorate your Christmas trees now to extend the joyful feeling that the holiday season brings! Now, you can decorate your tree to elicit “oohs and ahhs.” And, the best part is, you can do it on a budget!

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