Modern Maritime Décor: WatermarkPointe Westchester Condominiums Offer Tips for Decorating Your Beachfront Home with Elegance

Modern Maritime Décor: WatermarkPointe Westchester Condominiums Offer Tips for Decorating Your Beachfront Home with Elegance

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NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y., March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Located in the heart of New Rochelle, NY, WatermarkPointe condos for sale in Westchester offer residents an unparalleled, resort-inspired lifestyle, set among breathtaking waterviews and an array of incredible amenities. Inspired by traditional New England seaside architecture, WatermarkPointe is the stunning beachfront condo on the Long Island Sound that you’ve been dreaming of. Read on for inspiration on how to master a casual yet elegant modern maritime style in your new home.

Coastal Colors. Great nautical inspired design reflects what we each love about spending time near the water, allowing for different interpretations of seaside beauty to come together in each coastal home. Start planning your modern maritime decor by picking out your color palette. This will make it a little easier to select design elements for your home that blend with your theme. Choose a color palette inspired by WatermarkPointe’s breathtaking sunset waterviews with soft pinks, oranges, purples, and blues. Or, choose something a little more unique such as a bright yellow paired with a sophisticated white and a deep blackish-blue.

Striking Striping. To add a playful edge and some serious nautical style be sure to add stripes or different scales and styles into your decor. A mixture of cheerful patterns, textures, and colors will evoke a vibrant seaside elegance anywhere in your residence. From your luxurious en-suite master bath with a glass-enclosed shower and spa tub to your open-flow greatroom with its sleek fireplace, and 24-feet of glass opening to your wide waterfront terrace, complete your Long Island Sound inspired look with striking stripes.

Anchors Away. Make sure your wall decor is engaging, but not overly busy. Avoid design that is distracting and instead focus on adding nautical elements that complement your style, rather than overtake it. Include conversation pieces such as real anchors, ship blueprints, artwork inspired by sea life, and of course ropes tied in sailors knots. Mesh unique maritime found objects with Americana folk art for a look that is creative yet carefully curated.

Seaside Sunsets. Decorating your WatermarkPointe condo doesn’t have to stop when you complete your spacious interior. Expansive 30-foot terraces complete with glass railings that allow for unimpeded sunset views provide the perfect outdoor space for dinners with a spectacular view. Nature and natural elements are the focus of your stunning terrace, but sophisticated hurricane lanterns, sailboat decor, and nautical-inspired patterns are an excellent way to anchor your outdoor design to your interior decor.

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WatermarkPointe condos in Westchester, are high-end, luxury condominiums offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy waterfront living while being close to Manhattan. A strong, hands-on Westchester builder/developer, National Realty and Development Corp, whose diverse background encompasses residential, commercial and retail projects throughout the Northeast, is fully dedicated to creating a spectacular waterfront residential lifestyle.

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