Snowy River Dominates Cocktail Decorating Category at 2019 PR%F Awards

Snowy River Dominates Cocktail Decorating Category at 2019 PR%F Awards

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Wins 6 Double Gold Medals for salt, sugar and glitter decorating

REDMOND, Wash., July 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — More than 30 spirit industry leaders and upwards of 500 spirits brands participated in the inaugural PR%F Awards during a two-day blind-tasting point-rating competition in Las Vegas June 16-18, 2019.

Snowy River Cocktails was awarded 6 Double Gold medals at the 2019 PR%F Awards, a competition designed to crown the leading spirits with accolades, recognition and an entryway into the marketplace. The event was held at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas.

The awards competition was open to spirits brands, domestic and international, with nearly 100 categories to enter. Snowy River Cocktails won Double Gold medals for its natural cocktail salt, cocktail sugar and cocktail glitter products – a perfect sweep in the cocktail decorating category!

“We are absolutely delighted to win so many awards. With our love of mixology, we have always focused on natural ingredients, vibrant colors, and great taste, and today all that work was rewarded,” said Stuart Cutler, CEO Snowy River Cocktails.

“The beverage industry is ever-changing and we saw those trends firsthand with the amount of flavored whiskeys, ready-serve cocktails, gins and organic/kosher and health-based products that entered the PR%F Awards 2019,” said Michael S. Politz, publisher of Food and Beverage Magazine, title sponsor of the PR%F Awards.

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About Snowy River Cocktails
Snowy River Cocktails is a WA based manufacturer of all natural, kosher certified cocktail decorating products. From the finest salts, to the sweetest sugars, Snowy River has a range of cocktail decorating products for the professional mixologist through to the home bartender. We take an ordinary cocktail and make it truly extraordinary.

About The PR%F Awards and PR%F Design Distinctions
The PR%F Awards is the premiere spirits awards program and PR%F Awards Design Distinctions is headquartered at 3900 Hualapai Avenue, Las Vegas, Nev. 89123. The competition will be held annually.

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