Theo bản báo cáo Polaris Market Research: Thị trường trang trí Giáng sinh sẽ đạt 7,53 tỷ Đô la Mỹ vào năm 2030

Theo bản báo cáo Polaris Market Research: Thị trường trang trí Giáng sinh sẽ đạt 7,53 tỷ Đô la Mỹ vào năm 2030

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Theo Nghiên cứu thị trường Polaris: Thị trường trang trí Giáng sinh sẽ đạt 7,53 tỷ USD vào năm 2030

Quy mô & thị phần trang trí Giáng sinh sẽ đạt 7,53 tỷ USD vào năm 2030, với tốc độ tăng trưởng CAGR là 3,54%: Nghiên cứu thị trường Polaris

Ngày 6 tháng 12 năm 2022

Polaris Market Research gần đây đã xuất bản báo cáo nghiên cứu [hơn 115 trang] về “Thị phần trang trí Giáng sinh, Quy mô, Xu hướng, Báo cáo phân tích ngành, Theo loại sản phẩm (Đèn, Đồ trang trí); Theo ứng dụng; Theo khu vực; Dự báo phân khúc, 2022-2030” trong cơ sở dữ liệu nghiên cứu của nó.

Theo nghiên cứu gần đây, quy mô và thị phần trang trí Giáng sinh toàn cầu được định giá 5,52 tỷ USD vào năm 2021 và dự kiến ​​sẽ đạt 7,53 tỷ USD vào năm 2030, tăng trưởng với tốc độ CAGR là 3,54% trong giai đoạn dự báo.

Xu Hướng Trang Trí Giáng Sinh Giai Đoạn 2022-2030 Là Gì? Quy mô thị trường trang trí Giáng sinh lớn như thế nào và chia sẻ?

Tổng quan về báo cáo
Giáng sinh, ngày sinh của Chúa Giêsu Kitô, được tổ chức vào tháng 12 trên khắp thế giới. Mọi người ăn mừng lễ hội này bằng cách trang trí nhà cửa, cửa hàng hoặc văn phòng. Các đồ vật như cây thông Noel, chuông, nến, kẹo que, đèn, bóng, ngôi sao, vòng hoa, bít tất và quả cầu tuyết được dùng để trang trí. Những mặt hàng này có sẵn rộng rãi trong các cửa hàng bán lẻ và thị trường khu vực khác nhau và người mua dễ dàng tiếp cận.

Trang trí Giáng sinh thắp sáng và làm sáng lên môi trường xung quanh. Màu xanh của cây thông, màu trắng của tuyết và màu đỏ của trái tim được biết đến như những màu sắc truyền thống của Giáng sinh. Ngoài ra, Vàng và bạc là những màu kim loại phổ biến. Ý nghĩa của ngày lễ Giáng sinh và nhu cầu mua đồ trang trí Giáng sinh ngày càng tăng của khách hàng là hai yếu tố nổi bật thúc đẩy doanh số thị trường đồ trang trí Giáng sinh.

Christmas Decoration Market Size & Share Will Reach USD 7.53 Billion By 2030, At 3.54% CAGR Growth: Polaris Market Research


Dec 06, 2022, 08:30 ET

Dec. 6, 2022

Polaris Market Research recently published [115+ Pages] research report on “Christmas Decoration Market Share, Size, Trends, Industry Analysis Report, By Product Type (Lights, Ornaments); By Application; By Region; Segment Forecast, 2022-2030” in its research database.

According to the recent research study, the global Christmas decoration market size & share was valued at USD 5.52 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 7.53 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 3.54% during the forecast period.

What are the Trends for Christmas Decoration During 2022-2030? How Big is Christmas Decoration Market Size & Share?

Report Overview
Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, is celebrated in December around the world. People celebrate this festival by decorating houses, shops, or offices. Items such as Christmas trees, bells, candles, candy canes, lights, balls, stars, garland, stockings, and snow globes are used for decoration. These items are widely available in various retail stores and regional markets and easily accessible to buyers.

Christmas decoration lightens and brightens up the surrounding environment. Pine green, snow white, and heart red are known as the traditional colors of Christmas. Also, Gold and silver are popular metallic colors. The significance of the Christmas holiday and the increasing purchasing of Christmas decorations by customers are the two prominent factors driving the Christmas decoration market sales.

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Key Takeaways from Report

The report provides primary data, including the size & share estimate, overview, current trends, and future estimations of market
The report further evaluates current trends, technological advancements, revenue growth, and other aspects positively and negatively affecting the market growth.
Key dynamics, including drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, investment possibilities, and industrial trends highlighted in the report.
The market size and share analysis of different regions and nations, along with sales and revenue.
The study analyzes the latest trends and company profiles of the major players with their business strategies and size.
Some of the Top Market Players Are:

Balsam Hill
Crab Pot Trees
Crystal Valley
Huizhou Changqingshu
Jinan Xinyuan
Ruian Shengda
Shantou Chengha
Shenzhen Shujie
Taizhou Yangguangshu
Tree Classics
Yuyao Jiasen
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Growth Driving Factors

Rapid development of e-commerce websites fuels the market growth
Factors including growing urbanization, increasing population, growing disposable income, rising per capita income, and globalization fuel the Christmas decoration market size. The importance of celebrating Christmas and the desire of consumers to spend on Christmas decoration items propel the demand for Christmas decorations items. Changing social media trends, and the proliferation of e-commerce is also boosting market expansion for these Christmas décor goods.

Consumers worldwide are increasingly purchasing decorative items online as they are available on e-commerce websites. Thus, the rising desire of consumers to purchase decors through online websites, coupled with the easy availability and accessibility of décor items on e-commerce websites, contributed to the Christmas decoration market demand. Moreover, rapid technological developments in Christmas lights and Christmas decorations are augmenting the industry expansion. In addition, the low cost of raw materials and labor also positively influences the Christmas decoration industry’s development.

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Recent Developments

Christmas Decorators is the major company in the United Kingdom for the design and installation of automated festive lighting, offering both standard and customized customer propositions.

Segmental Analysis

Lights segment is anticipated to register the fastest growth
Based on product type, the Christmas lights category is estimated to witness the fastest growth in the Christmas decoration market. Christmas lighting is also known as fairy lights, festive lighting, or string lighting. They are usually used for decoration in Christmas celebrations. A Christmas ornament is also one of the popular decorative items used during the holiday season and the Christmas season. Pine green, snow white, and heart red are the traditional colors of Christmas. Each Christmas ornament has a unique tale. People believe in passing the collection of traditional ornaments through the generations.

Residential dominated the largest market share in 2021
On the basis of application, the residential sector accounted for the major revenue share in the Christmas decoration market due to the culture and traditions among Christians. Other factors, such as a strong economy, increasing trends, and wide availability of substitutes, boost segment growth.

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Christmas Decoration Market: Report Scope & Analysis

Report Attribute


Revenue forecast in 2030

USD 7.53 Billion

Market size value in 2022

USD 5.70 Billion

Expected CAGR Growth

3.54% from 2022 – 2030

Base Year


Forecast Year

2022 – 2030

Top Market Players

Amscan, Balsam Hill, Barcana, Crab Pot Trees, Crystal Valley, Hilltop, Huizhou Changqingshu, Jinan Xinyuan, Roman, Ruian Shengda, Shantou Chengha, Shenzhen Shujie, Taizhou Yangguangshu, Tree Classics and Yuyao Jiasen.

Segments Covered

By Product Type, By Application, By Region.

Customization Options

Customized purchase options are available to meet any research needs. Explore customized purchase options

Geographic Overview

Europe region accounted for the greatest growth
In terms of geography, Christmas decoration market demand in Europe experienced significant growth in 2021. For instance, Romania has a large market in Europe for Christmas decorations. Celebrations and shopping for decorative items and beauty products begin earlier in this region as compared to other countries. The United Kingdom has the highest market share, followed by Romania. Plants like Holly, Ivy, and Mistletoe are widely used in the country for decorations. Moreover, Finland and Austria are anticipated to grow even more in this market. Each year during the Christmas month, more tourists visit Finland, which increases market demand in Finland.

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Polaris Market Research has segmented the Christmas Decoration Market report based on product type, application, and region:

By Product Type

By Application Outlook

By Region Outlook

North America (U.S., Canada)
Europe (France, Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Russia)
Asia Pacific (Japan, China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea)
Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina)
Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, South Africa)
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